These testimonials describe services provided by Catholic Charities Hawai`i and Premium Senior Services.

February 26, 2016

Aloha, Would like to convey my deepest appreciation for the assistance provided by Premium Senior Services staff.  They returned my calls promptly, answered questions with understanding and all the while provided much needed emotional support. A coworker at my office recommended call the staff of Premium Senior Services and I would definitely recommend them to anyone that I know.


Dean Nagasaki

Jo-Ann (Caregiver)
Thank you very much for all your work and effort to make my aunt's birthday so wonderful and unforgettable- from getting the tickets, negotiating for suitable and excellent game seats, taking great care escorting her around, accompanying her to dinner and acquiring an autographed ball. All of this was far and above your normal services and are greatly appreciated by us. Huge thank you's to everyone (at Premium Senior Services) for giving her an adventure of a lifetime.

Merilyn (Caregiver)
Wonderful service (Premium Senior Services)! Don’t know how we would have gotten everything done without Catholic Charities! Judy was so helpful and knowledgeable. Mahalo!

Maria, 83
Very good service and very friendly. Thank you very much for your service (Premium Senior Services).

Case Management

Stanford C., 65

I like to use them because they are very friendly and very thoughtful. I'm happy all the time because they do things on time and they always help me with my paperwork.

Joyce P., 81

I have vision and mobility problems and some memory loss. All of the case managers over the past twelve years have been very kind and knowledgeable.

Leslyn O., 57

The Catholic Charities van has taken my mother to her doctor appointments many times in the last twelve years and the drivers are very courteous and professional.

Madeline J., 69

They were helping a tenant who had cancer. They got her a hospital bed, a riser seat for her toilet and anything else she needed. They even got her into hospice. I am forever grateful for all they do.

Virginia D. , 92

I like to use them because they provide wonderful service and are always ready to help.

William M., 59

I like to use them because they respond very quickly and they make sure that everything is going well with me.

Henry L., 84

Their case management service helps me to understand and make the right choices from available resources and services in the community. My wife and I have language barriers and the service is very important to us.

Jean A., 86

I like to use them because they are very nice and helpful. They make me feel welcome. When I ask for help the answer is always yes. They never say no.

Earl Y., 72

I like to use them because of the convenience. I think they are very kind. I think I love my case worker.

MO (Caregiver), 77

Wonderful service. Don’t know how we would have gotten everything done without Catholic Charities! Judy (Case Manager) was so helpful and knowledgeable.

EH, 93

I have been satisfied & found them much easier to deal with than other agencies I have tried. Keep up the quality!

Transportation Services

Sara A., 65

I like that they are courteous and always on time and helpful when I'm getting on and off the bus.

Connie H., 79

I like them because whenever I call for reservations the office staff is very courteous and the drivers are always prompt, courteous and helpful. I've never been late to any of my appointments.

Dorothy K., 86

I like them because the drivers are very kind, courteous, helpful and pleasant.

Juanita A., 79

The drivers are caring and focused. They are usually punctual also. When I came home after dark one day and couldn't use the park bath facilities, the driver helped me all the way to my door.

Linda S., 64

One day the afternoon weather was windy and raining so I went inside to the lobby. The van driver knew me. He came inside and helped push my wheelchair to the van.

Edith F., 87

I like them because they are very convenient for me, especially on rainy days. Nu`uanu is always rainy in the morning and I need to get to my doctor appointments.

Angie L., 80

I like them because I know them well. They are always on time.

Mildred P., 89

I have always been on time for appointments. Never late. They are very reliable.

NI, 82

Am so pleased with the services (transportation). The drivers are courteous, on time, and friendly. They help me to the door (of my home) and are just so helpful. Am pleased with the excellent services!

GM, 75

Drivers show caring and compassion- definite plus.

MP, 84

Very good service and very friendly. Thank you very much for your service!

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