What is Premium Senior Services?

It’s a new fee-based program from Catholic Charities Hawai`i for the many seniors who need a little help with transportation, home making and other services but are not financially in need of charitable service.

Why Catholic Charities Hawai`i?

We have been a leader in senior services for nearly 40 years in Hawai`i. We find that many seniors either have too much income to qualify for charitable services or don’t want to go through the paperwork required to qualify. With Premium Senior Services, those seniors and family members who can afford to pay for help with transportation, home making and other services can get help right away, with no qualification process and no waiting.

Do you provide Nursing care?

Premium Senior Services is designed to help seniors with activities such as transportation, home making and expert advice on senior issues, including money management and identifying, accessing, and coordinating services and information. We will arrange for personal care activities, such as bathing, dressing/undressing, eating, transferring to/from bed or chair, toileting and walking. Check back with us again shortly or call 527-4777 for more information.

Shouldn’t this be free if you are a charity?

Our charitable services are in place to help low-income seniors. We’re introducing Premium Senior Services so we can help more seniors at moderate or higher incomes.

What makes Premium Senior Services different from other companies?

Catholic Charities Hawai`i introduced Premium Senior Services so that more people can have access to services by a nationally accredited organization that is also locally recognized for its years of experience in providing quality senior services. And unlike for-profit companies, Premium Senior Services will help fund our nonprofit work on behalf of the less fortunate members of the community.

How do you train your caregivers?

All Premium Senior Services staff completes an in-depth interview and screening process. To ensure the safety and well being of our clients we perform a thorough criminal background clearance and check for safe driving record. Staff completes a comprehensive orientation and training and are also closely supervised and monitored for quality client care.

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