Premium Senior Services. The secure way to peace of mind and independence.

It's one of the blessings of Hawaii`s various cultures that we take pride in caring for our families, especially our elders. But in today's fast-moving society, that's not always possible because of family, work or time. Caring for our aging loved ones doesn't have to be a strain on our daily lives. Not when Catholic Charities Hawai`i has the solution to help alleviate the stress and responsibility.

Premium Senior Services offer seniors and their families a faster way to get help with simple daily tasks, without qualifications or waiting. For a fee, seniors who don't qualify or don't want to wait for charitable services can still maintain independence and busy caregivers can have peace of mind about loved ones.

Our vision is for, "All kupuna to live in the community safely and to be surrounded by loving care." Our goal is to help seniors maintain independent living by providing supportive services for seniors as well as for their loved ones.

Premium Senior Services is a program of Catholic Charities Hawai`i. We have been serving the people of Hawai`i since 1947, offering help to people of all faiths and cultures. Today, we're an organization that's trusted by the community for providing professional and innovative services.

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